Granite Peak Fabrication has teamed up with e9 Treatments to offer the patented anti-paraffin application as part of its cleaning and proving services.

When applied to a clean, oil-free surface, e9 Treatments alter a surface’s molecular structure, making it hydrophobic, oleophobic, and easy to clean. These clear, ultra-thin, nanoscale treatments do not alter the appearance or function of the treated surface.

Applying e9 Treatments’ Pro Series products to flow meters and other oil and gas equipment helps reduce the need for routine maintenance caused by fouling and buildup on the surfaces of new and existing devices. Buildup or fouling of flow measurement devices is costly to operators, requiring significant downtime and labor for cleaning and maintenance. 

Benefits of the e9 Treatments’ Pro Series:

  • Repel oil, water and paraffin: Keep the “gunk” from sticking and impacting measurement.
  • Reduce maintenance: Treated meters will run 3-8X longer than untreated meters, depending on environmental variables.
  • Extend the functional life of oil and gas equipment: The treatment is less than 10 nanometers thick and does not impact tolerances or functional characteristics of the meter.
  • Reduce service expenditures: This means less maintenance, less downtime, and less service labor.
  • Deter corrosion:  Oleophobic and hydrophobic surface treatment helps delay the onset of corrosion.

Need your meters or other oilfield assets treated to help prevent buildup, reduce maintenance and extend the functional life of your equipment? Don’t let maintenance and buildup drain your resources – choose the solution trusted by industry players. Contact Granite Peak Fabrication to add e9 Treatments to your next cleaning, proving or calibration.

  • Wyoming: George Laird, (307) 462-3784, 
  • West Texas and New Mexico: Billy McLaughlin, (432) 269-4267,