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Granite Peak Fabrication: LACTs/Meter Skids

A Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) unit accurately measures the net volume and quality of liquid hydrocarbons. A LACT unit typically measures volumes in the range of 500-8000 BOPD. These units provide automatic measurement, sampling, and transfer of crude oil from the lease location into a truck, railcar, or pipeline.
Granite Peak Fabrication manufactures LACT units designed for accurate measurement and sampling of various hydrocarbon liquids. All of our LACT’s are designed for reliable, low maintenance ease of use. We use only high-quality components and materials, enabling us to provide a quality, cost-effective, product.

LACT units from Granite Peak Fabrication can be found in use from North Dakota to Texas. With facilities in Casper, WY and Midland, TX our sales and service covers a large market with a diverse customer base.

Do we need a LACT unit?

LACT Units allow producers to accurately measure recovered crude oil to ensure that the agreed-upon royalty payments can be correctly paid out to leaseholders and/or landowners. If you are looking for an automated metering system to measure your production, contact us today.

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Custom LACT unit manufacturing

Units can be designed and built to meet your unique needs, or they can be built to minimize capital cost.
Standard Features of Granite Peak Fabrication LACT units:

  • Flow ranges from 500-30,000 BPD
  • Pressure ranging from 50 -1440 PSI
  • Truck loading/off-loading
  • Pipeline delivery
  • Various pump options
  • Standard B31.3 Piping Construction
  • Steel Frame, fiberglass or panel building options

Optional Features of Granite Peak Fabrication LACT units:

  • Full plug-and-play design with vapor barrier wall & non-classified MCC
  • State-of-the-art control that can be integrated with customers’ existing systems and software
  • Full wet test capabilities
  • Resolution 35 certified factory for state of Colorado construction
  • Warm and cold weather packages available
  • PE-stamped structures with lifting plans, FEA, wind, snow, seismic, and torsional calculations

Granite Peak Fabrication products and services

Along with being a LACT unit manufacturer, Granite Peak Fabrication is also a full-service engineering, drafting, and fabrication company serving the energy industry: oil and gas, petroleum, wind and solar, water, electrical, and steel. Using the latest technology and superior workmanship, we manufacture high-performance process equipment to support the most demanding applications including:

  • Pipe Spools
  • Filter Skids
  • Single Well Pad Skids
  • Instrument air skids
  • VRUs
  • Custom Projects

For more information or if you have additional questions about the products and services that Granite Peak Fabrication offers, please feel free to contact us.

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